Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day!!! A BIG Thank you goes out to all those who have served and is serving in the U.S. Armed forces!! Thank you for our freedoms and your sacrifice that has made it possible to live in such an amazing country!!!

It was very emotional for me today. As I taught my students this week about how and why we must be thankful and show how thankful we are, I found myself getting choked up...

I really think the students felt that reverence and I hope I helped them understand how thankful I really feel.

Our school went all out and found some great resources form TPT and other amazing BLOGS to teach and create a meaningful day to help our youngest citizens take a moment to appreciate those who sacrifice for us... Here are some of our hallway decorations put up today.....(1st grade thru 3rd)..I have to say I am very impressed with the ideas and timely manner that was put into such an important and often overlooked holiday.....WAY TO GO WGS!!!

This acrostic poem was created by our 1st grade.

We created this Anchor chart answering the major questions..Who, What, When, Where, and Why we celebrate Veterans Day.  I bought the Veterans day unit from . Perfectly Primary, THANK YOU!! go buy this is you are looking for any American Holiday...She created a little of everything.

Our paper poppies were created with 4 six inch squares of tissue paper, a green pipe cleaner and floral tape. Then we printed stickers with flag on it with thier name(so we knew whose was whose). The kids loved it!!! and they make a great visual on the the wall.

We also used this little reader to learn about Veterans Day.... I used the ELMO to show it to everyone(it's very tiny).

 Product Details
The second graders created these Acrostic poems---Same unit from TPT!!!

These Military men and WOMEN( note the makeup) are so cute to go along with their Acrostic poems.

Of course an anchor chart
  was used to sort out all the important details.
Second and third graders created this wall display. Paper poppies and more military men and women.

Happy Veterans Day from The Lemonade Stand Teachers