The Little White Owl

We read this sweet little book this week:

I loved the illustrations in this book!  The little white owl loved to tell stories, but the other brightly-colored owls did not like him at first because he was different.   Once they heard his stories, they loved him!   This book is great for discussing what makes you unique.  I have attached a writing prompt for you down below.  But check out the owl puppets first:

So sweet!  I grouped students and gave each a different color piece of construction paper.  One student in each group got a white piece.  I also gave each a secondary color to add to their owls.  We tore the construction paper and pasted it onto an owl template I found online.  Then, we glued them to popsicle sticks.  I let each group retell the story with their puppets when they were finished.  The kids loved it!  They turned out really cute and covered a common core standard, so win, win!  Click below to grab the writing prompt.

~The Lemonade Stand Teachers


  1. Would you share the owl template...too cute!I love this book!

  2. I just searched for clipart on the Internet, they cut it out, and then they pasted the paper on. Hope this helps!

  3. Those owl puppets are just precious. Love your blog title too.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  4. I have searched to find this book and Barnes and noble couldn't order it. Where did you get it?
    Your owl puppets are perfect for first grade!
    Thanks, krew@creeksideacademy. org

    1. I got it from Scholastic's book warehouse sale. They may have it on their website.


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