Number Bond Bracelets

We have been making number bond bracelets in 1st grade! They are so easy to make and they really help students learn whole number and a numbers' parts. What you need: chenille sticks (pipe cleaners)
A big bucket of beads.... and that's it!!
 Pick a number... in Envision math 1st grade starts at 6 and goes to 9. Sooo, we started with six beads all the same color. (they got to choose what color beads-but as a class we used white sticks for 6, red sticks for 7, green for 8 and blue sticks for 9- this is so I can say "pick up your six number bond bracelet, the white bracelet" and it's fast and easy!) 
 Once the bracelet is beaded.. just twist the ends together and you have the perfect concrete example of whole numbers and their parts!!!

 Students are asked to find two parts of a number. They pull the beads a"part" to get all the combinations of a given number. This is such great practice and is the best visual I've ever used!!!
Who doesn't love making bracelets?!!! They beg to get them out and make parts or numbers and it was priceless to see the light bulb go off---- I had comments like......   "OH.. that's how 4 and 4 make eight!!" "6 and 2 make eight-- i can see it!" "What else can I make?" "Look..... I just made 6 using 2 three's!"  and the best yet...... "Look I can make 6 using three groups of two!"

I learned this at a singapore math conference and I am soooo glad I am using it now!!!
I'll include the number bond sheet we are using with the bracelets so you can use it too!!!!

Happy number building and decomposing from Holly one of The Lemonade Stand Teachers :)


  1. This is such an awesome way to teach number bonds! I can't wait to do this with my class...I think this will be a Fun Friday for sure! :) Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas!!

  2. The way of teach number bonds is excellent. I think children like this way and learn more quickly than when teacher teach in the class rooms at white board. I think Online Math Practice websites are helpful for the children to learn math. I appreciated your job.


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