Grandparents' Day Freebie

Sunday is Grandparents Day, but our school will celebrate on Friday.  We invite all grandparents in for breakfast with their grandchildren that morning.  Last year, I had students write a letter to their grandparents and had it on their desks when the grandparents came in.  Second grade also put on a performance for them, singing some of our morning meeting songs and "Fifty Nifty United States."  This year, we are not doing a program, but I need some ideas on what to do instead.  I have included a free copy of the letter I am using, but I need something else, too.  If any of you awesome teacher bloggers have some great ideas, please let me know!  Thanks everybody!


  1. I love the font you used!!! Thanks for the freebie. We don't celebrate Grandparents' Day until February. Weird, I know...

  2. Thanks! It is smiley monster and ck handprint. I checked out your's really cute!


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