Second Grade Guided Math Student Binder

One area that I wanted to improve in my classroom last year was small group math instruction.  I began by creating binders for my students to use while at my table that contained some of the common instructional mats used during whole group instruction.  I would have the binders already out and on the work mat we were going to use for that lesson when they got to the table.  This gave me more time to focus on their needs, no matter what skill that particular group was working on.  After the pandemic hit, I knew that these wouldn't work to meet CDC recommendations...I would have to create one for each student that contained all of the instructional mats that we would need to cover all of the second grade math standards.

Each student will get a binder with all 32 mats inside sheet protectors.  They can draw models for the problems given with dry erase markers or use manipulatives.  I would like to send these home with students if we go virtual.  They can show me their model during our live small group lessons which would be helpful for me.  If we come back into the classroom, they would just bring the binder back.  You might also consider printing some math manipulatives on cardstock and laminating for students to use with the mats.

I have also  included JPEGs of each mat for you to insert into digital assignments.  Students could then use some of the virtual math manipulatives that are offered online with the mats.

You can look at some photos of the instructional mats included below.

There are 30 instructional math mats in the binder.  Below is an overview of the types of mats included:

Mathematician Workmat
12o chart
ten frames
number bond
part part whole box
fact families
adding three numbers
number lines
open number line
place value charts (ones, tens, and hundreds)
multiple representations
read and write numbers
comparing numbers
pv addition and subtraction
word problems
telling time
counting money

I know that this resource will be so helpful for my students and myself this year, no matter if we are in the actual classroom or distance learning.  You can click any of the images below to check out the resource:


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