A couple of weeks ago, our school had a fine arts night.  My second grade teammate and I decided to go with a spring theme.  We were cranking out crafts left and right to get prepared for this!  

I thought I would share these craft and art activities this week just in case you needed some easy ideas for mother's day.  Some of these would make some cute mother's day gifts.

These umbrellas don't really go with anything, but they went with a theme we were studying.  They are just coffee filters cut in half, colored with markers, and then sprayed with water.  

We made these butterflies when we were covering symmetry.  You take a piece of paper and fold it in half.  Put dots {globs} of paint on one half of the paper.  Fold the paper in half and open up.  You'll have these cool designs on both sides.  I then just printed a butterfly template and cut them into the shape of butterflies.

These little pink flowers were so cute!  They are just small paper plates with pieces of tissue paper glued on.  I love the ombre look!  I then just cut the edges of the plate off in a scalloped pattern.

The birdhouses were my favorite.  We glued the tissue onto white construction paper and then I just cut out a template from the brown paper and cut the extra edges off of the white.  I let them be free with their pattern on their birdhouses.


The flowers above were made on paper plates that were painted by students.  Students traced their hands about 9 or 10 times on construction paper and glued the cut out hands to the edges of the plate. We then took tissue paper and glued it to the center of the flowers to look like seeds. 

The dandelions were made with their little fingerprints.  These turned out way cute!

The fork tulips were not as easy as I had imagined.  Next time, we will practice and use a heavier duty paper.  

Finally, we made these little birds.  We painted a paper plate and folded it in half. They just glued on eyes, feathers, and a beak.  Super easy and cute!