I love Cara's Throwback Thursday posts, so I am linking up!  It's amazing to look back and see how much you have changed over the years.  I have learned so much from this amazing blogging community.  It has truly changed me as a teacher and I have made so many new friends throughout this journey.  

So, here's a throwback to one of my favorites.  It's a perfect one for back to school behavior.

"Is your class always this loud?"
I don't know how many times I have heard this from substitute and special area teachers, but it has definitely been too many!  And I am determined to win this battle!  So, where do you go when you need ideas? Pinterest, of course! 

I made up some "Quiet Spray!"  You spray the ROOM to signal children to get quiet.  Or you can just leave the bottle empty.  Mine love the mist in the air.  It is so funny!  {I do not condone spraying a child!  As much as you might want to!  Ha! ;)}
Original Idea

I had to have some quiet critters!  They are so cute!  I give them incentive tickets with it.  Our school participates in a School Wide Positive Behavior Support program, and we use cub cash as an incentive.  They can cash it in at our cub store.  This is my "on task" container with the critters.  I always change out my prizes.  This month I am using crazy straws {from the Dollar Tree}.  You would think they were gold the way they carry on about them!  Ha!  They really want them!  They even take it to lunch and drink their milk with it!  So funny!
Original Quiet Critter Idea

I have uploaded these FREEBIES onto TPT, because Google Docs has not been very cooperative lately.  :(  Click the pic below to download the crazy straw labels.

Click below to download the other quiet labels, along with some pep cards.  Hand the student the card to redirect.  When they have read it, they flip it over and you can then pick it up.  You can redirect a child without having to stop and interrupt learning!  Love these during observations!

What do you do to keep your class quiet?  I must say these are working for the most part; my little ones just need lots of reminders!  On a sidenote {and mainly to make myself accountable!}, I am working on a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory math and literacy unit.  Be on the lookout!  I also can't wait to share what we did for Valentine's Day last year.  I will save that for another post.

MLK Jr. Day is coming up!  Here is the little display I did last year.  I found it here.  Students wrote and then typed what they wanted to be when they grew up.  I can't wait to see what everyone else plans on doing!  Have a fabulous Friday!
~The Lemonade Stand Teachers
Have I told you how much I love summer?  Because I do!  I think sleeping in is my favorite!  Next week, those days are over.  I have a class that starts.  :(  So, I'm enjoying this last week of peace before three weeks of craziness begins.  

Let's catch up on why I've been MIA!

So, I cut my hair off!  I couldn't take the long curly hair in all the Tennessee humidity.  

We went to Las Vegas last week and to the Grand Canyon.  We look like little tourists with our bright green stickers!

I helped direct and decorate a wedding a couple of weeks ago, which was beautiful, crazy, and super tiring!  I have officially retired from the wedding business.  As soon as there are pictures up, I will have to share them with you all.

And we hosted father's day at our house.  It's a yearly tradition to celebrate here.  So now I am enjoying this last week of rest and doing whatever!  I love having no schedule.  :)

I am trying to work on TPT stuff this week.  I finished my writing workstation packet yesterday.  {I will do a separate post for that when I get it all set up.}  Today, I'm trying to finish my classroom decor pack.  I'm going with a yellow chevron theme with hints of black, turquoise, and lime green.  Yellow is my favorite color, so I thought it would make my room feel and look more like my style.  I'm still keeping the owl theme mixed in though.

Here are the Daily 5 and literacy workstation signs I will use in a pocket chart so students know where to go.  Once school starts up, I will try to post how I organize all this.  It's my little system that's worked for me for 5 years.  I've just changed the types of stations I do and incorporate my only little twist on daily 5.  You can grab a free copy of them {HERE}.

Happy Wednesday!