I think I am setting some sort of personal record...blogging three times in one week!  What?!  We have 11 days left before testing begins.  I can't believe it!!!  That means it's time to get in rock star mode in my classroom!  We start by making a set list ,like any rock star would do to prepare for the big show.  But ours is a set list for success.  We talk about what is essential in preparing for and taking a test such as ours and write the set list.  We take the SAT10 here in Tennessee. 

I also have them write a narrative on the steps they will take to ROCK the test and a motivational letter to other students in the school.

Finally, we make these super cute rock stars!  I can't wait to get them up and around my classroom door.

The packet these come from are in my TPT store.  You will also get posters with test-taking tips to hang around your room.  We have to cover our walls or take everything down.  I buy plastic tablecloths to cover the stuff I don't want to take down and put the signs on top of those.  You can click the pic below to see them.

We are also going to be busy reviewing over the next couple of weeks.  I made up some math and literacy test prep centers covering the skills my students need extra practice on.  They cover those huge 2nd grade skills.  I am working on another set for the next week that has more to do with comprehension, language, and place value concepts.  And, of course, these centers will make your littles feel like rock stars with the fun rocking theme.  

I hope you second grade teachers find the centers useful.  I just want our students to be successful and prove how smart they really are on this big test!  I hope you all "Rock Out the Test" with us!  Happy early weekend!

Just wanted to drop in to show you some super cute multiplication centers.  My student teacher started teaching math this week and her little centers were adorable and so fun!  Some of her stuff was from Amy Lemons' Multiplication Situations Unit, some were freebies on TPT, and others, she just came up with.

How cute is this array garden?!  They were to plant a carrot array and record its multiplication fact. They could spray it with an empty spray bottle to help it "grow!"  This one was a huge hit with the littles!  She got the carrots and confetti at Walmart in the Easter section.

They made multiplication bracelets and wrote the matching fact and related addition sentence.

Here are just some more pics of her centers.

I liked how when they weren't working with their jelly beans, she had them store them in an egg.  Very clever!  There was also a center where they stamped arrays with those inexpensive packs of Easter stamps at Walmart.  Tomorrow, she has them going on a multiplication story egg hunt.  Can't wait!

I will be back soon with an newly updated Rockin' Out the Test creativity along with some 2nd grade test prep math and literacy centers.  I'm just putting the finishing touches on it.  

Just one more day until Spring Break!  I can do this!!!  Hopefully... ;)

We have been up to our ears in graphs this week.  If you happen to be on that unit this week, I have a little Easter graphing freebie for you.

I gave each student a handful of jelly beans for them to sort.

They each tallied their results on a tally chart, which I forgot to get a picture of!

Finally, they graphed their results in the form of a bar graph.  After graphing, they were to ask a partner questions about each others' graphs.

You can download the freebie by clicking the pic below.

Each day, as we learned about a new graph, it was added to this anchor chart.  

This is a super cute book by the fabulous Loreen Leedy.  I had planned on using it at the end of the unit, but just ran out of time.  It will have to be put on the list of to-dos for next year!  I thought I could have the students gather some sort of data and then let each group make the appropriate graph for the information on a poster.

I hope you all have a great week!  Four days until spring break! {Not that I'm counting or anything...}

Happy Easter!

Sorry for being a blog slacker lately!  I've been up to my ears in common core and textbook adoptions, as I am sure you can relate!

I feel like I need to do a little recap of what's been going on in my classroom, and then I will get back to posting classroom ideas.  :)

We have learned how to identify the author's purpose.  They never cease to amaze me how well they can use those terms persuade, inform, and entertain.  

We do lots of cooperative group work to practice the skill.  

They were so sweet reading to each other!

These posters and the activities are included in my author's purpose packet.

We celebrated Read Across America Day in our pajamas.

I have been using Hope King's Cloudy with a Chance unit.  I am in love with that unit!  It has been incredible for integrating science into my reading curriculum.

I especially loved the research component.  I heard today that we should be conducting research projects quarterly with common core.

We got out the iPad's and got to work.  The website www.weatherwizkids.com is a great resource.

The meteorologists turned out really cute!  I had to do orange raincoats.  I was out of yellow construction paper.  Boo!  A third grader thought they were supposed to be Moby the robot from Brain Pop.  :(  

We have been learning all about fractions with the help of Cara's unit, Fraction Action.  The fractionpillars were super fun for the little ones!

I am on the textbook committee for Reading Language Arts for my district.  We are trying to decide between Journeys and Reading Street.  Are any of you currently using either one?  If so, how do you like it?  What are the strengths and weaknesses?  And how well do you think it goes with common core and prepares students for PARCC?  Thank you so much for your help and input!